Project Description

Pediatric Assessment

It’s not normal for kids to complain of foot pain!

Children’s feet have a unique development pattern and function. Unlike teeth and eyes, foot health in kids is often neglected. This can lead to problems not only in the feet, but in the legs and back.

Contact us for an appointment at the North Bay Foot and Ankle Clinic if you notice any of the following:

  • Your child complains of pain in their feet, ankles, or legs
  • Your child is constantly tripping and falling
  • Uneven shoe wear
  • Your child has a gait or foot position when walking that you think is unusual
  • You notice any skin rashes, hard skin, lumps, or bumps on the feet

When should you have your child’s feet and gait checked?

  • When your child begins to walk (12 months)
  • Age 3 ( this is when children develop a more adult “heel-to-toe” gait)
  • Age 5 (when starting school)
  • When beginning organized sports

What is included in a kids foot check-up?

We will check every aspect of your child’s foot health, walking pattern, and footwear. Please bring in your child’s footwear to make the most out of your appointment.

  • Examination of joints and leg of lower extremities
  • Compare growth and development to normal for your child’s age
  • Evaluate gait and walking pattern
  • Go through family history of foot problems such as, flat feet, high arches, bunions, and much more
  • Check skin and nail condition
  • Evaluation of muscle function
  • Evaluate child’s footwear

Chiropodist Stephanie Poupore not only specialized in Podopediatrics but is great with kids and looks forward to making sure that your child’s feet and ankles are developing normally to prevent future problems. Contact us at the North Bay Foot and Ankle Clinic today to make your child’s future a step in the right direction.