Project Description


Shoe therapy

Shoes are often an essential part in treating foot and ankle complaints and are very often the cause. Not all feet are the same, and the same goes for footwear. At your visit we thoroughly evaluate your shoes and how they are relating to your symptoms, foot shape, gait, weight, lifestyle, and overall biomechanical function.

How you can evaluate your shoes

We would be happy to assess your footwear and recommend what shoes to purchase to help your feet and accommodate orthotics if you wear them.

Shoe fitting tips

  • Measurements should be taken while standing with a slight bend in the knee.
  • Always measure both feet.
  • Try shoes on with socks that you wear all the time.
  • The counter around the heel should be snug.
  • Do not worry about the “size” of the shoe, worry about the fit.
  • The longest toe should be finger nails length from the end of the toe box.
  • Do not purchase a shoe that is too tight. It will NOT stretch to fit your foot.