Coronavirus Information

We are open to see patients with urgent and acute foot and ankle conditions at our clinic.

If you have an urgent foot problem, an infected ingrown toenail, for example you should see us rather than go to the emergency room.

Please fill out our Contact Form at the link below. Leave us your information, upload a photo of the issue with your foot and your concern in the “messages” section.

Regardless of your problem a virtual appointment with the Chiropodist may be necessary before scheduling an in-office visit.

You will be contacted after the information is assessed and notified if you are eligible to an Emergency Visit or a Tele Health visit to help you navigate the problem with Self Care Strategies.


Video Visits

Many foot and ankle problems can be helped with a video consult with your Chiropodist.

By using virtual visits with the Chiropodist we can often provide you with the care you need and at the same time maximize social distancing to help flatten the curve and not overwhelm our health system.

We are also using video visits prior to in-office visits to determine the services needed during the in-office visit.

By doing this screening we can improve the efficiency of the visit and decrease both the time spent in the clinic and the number of staff interactions necessary.

Third Party Insurance Coverage for Tele-Health Visits?

Like any In-Office Visit, it is YOUR responsibility to check and see what your insurance provider will and will not cover.

What Conditions Can We Treat Via Video Visits?

Telehealth visits are available for current and returning patients. We can provide comprehensive treatment plans for most musculoskeletal conditions including:

Plantar Fasciitis, Tendonitis, Top of the foot pain, Big toe joint pain, Heel pain, Ankle Sprains, Fungal toenails and assessment of inflammation or infection or toenails or skin.

Other Issues We Can Cover

Shoe recommendations, Best prefabricated orthotics for your condition, Appropriate stretching and strengthening for specific conditions.

Your telemedicine appointment will generally include diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription if necessary.

If we determine specific items such as braces or arch supports are required we will send you links to the sites and you can purchase online.

The appointment generally takes 20-30 minutes.

Schedule your Tele-Health Video Visit by calling us at 705-476-9172.