Special Services

Ingrown Nail Surgery

Ingrown toenails occur when the corners or sides of the toenail dig into the skin. Some ingrown toenails can become red, swollen, or infected. Reoccurring ingrown toenails can be treated by surgically removing the offending piece. This is done by freezing the toe with an anesthetic, removing the offending piece, ablating the area with 90% Phenol and Carbon Dioxide Laser to prevent regrowth.

Podofix Nail Brace

Podofix nail brace is a gentle alternative for correcting malformed nails. It helps deformed nails to grow naturally. This method could help avoid surgery and discomfort is relieved quickly.

How the Podofix nail brace works:

The Podofix nail brace is shaped to the curve of the offending nail and adhered by glue to the base of the nail. Tension is then applied by tightening the wire embedded in the plastic pad of the brace. This wire will evenly distribute tension over the surface of the nail. After the brace is adhered and wire tightened the notch in the plastic is filled with gel to ensure a smooth brace. The nail brace is left intact for 6 to 10 weeks correcting the nail as it is growing out.


The G-Pulse machine is used to increase blood supply and oxygen to the body by using a pulsating Magnetic field therapy and magnetic bio stimulation and IR laser light beams. The G-Pulse has great success with fractures, wounds and bone healing, connective tissue repair, ulcers, acute and chronic inflammation.

How G-Pulse Works:

The number and duration of treatments will vary according to the indication. In the case of acute disease, the duration of the therapy is mostly shorter and less frequent.

Treatment may make symptoms worse after first 1-3 treatments because chronic conditions are brought to an acute stage, the “reactive phase”. This period is a sign that the body is reacting to the treatments as well as a sign that regeneration is beginning. After this period, the long-term healing effect begins, and there should be improvement, along with a decrease in pain.

Kery Flex

Kery Flex is a painless procedure that restores the appearance of a toenail that has become damaged or lost. This can be used on a toenail that has 10% of nail to adhere the porous resin. Kery Flex is a resin material that is applied and hardened to the remaining nail bed, to have a normal looking nail. Porous resin allows the nail to look great while treating fungal infections if needed.

How Kery Flex Works:

Once determined Kery Flex is right for you, the damaged nail is trimmed and filed down. Next a bonding agent is applied and then the resin. This is hardened with an ultra violet light.

Genesis Laser for Nail Fungus

The Genesis Plus Laser is a new, minimally invasive method for treating toenail fungus. Two short treatment sessions spaced six weeks apart are typically sufficient for treating toenail fungus.

Who can be treated with the Genesis Plus Laser?

The Genesis Plus Laser is safe for nearly everyone, including diabetic patients, seeking solution for toenail fungus. This treatment method is much safer than the once-popular oral antifungal medications.

How soon are results noticeable?

Many patients begin noticing slight results after their first genesis plus laser treatment and report full results within three to six months. It is important to understand that everyone heals at a different rate, so each patient’s results may vary.

To determine whether you are a candidate for The Genesis Plus Laser please book an appointment with us at The North Bay Foot and Ankle Clinic.

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